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On June 9th, the City Council overturned the recommendation of the City Planning Commission, and the desires of 2100 petition signers, and approved the request to rezone the property at a height of 75 ft or six stories.  The number of affordable units was increased from 5% to 9%.  If you would like to take

few minutes and let our City Council and

Mayor know your thoughts about this, please do. Click the BLACK LINKS TO EMAIL CITY OFFICIALS button to access message text

and links to the websites of these individuals.  The original petition is still active and can be accessed here: Sign the Petition

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  • Additional traffic

  • More density & even more traffic 

  • Parking issues at the development

  • Unknown environmental impact

The Facts

A Florida based property development group has requested rezoning and deed restriction changes to the 3.88 acres located at Garland/Grand/Gaston.  The property was formerly occupied by The Lot and Local Traveler restaurants and is adjacent to the White Rock Creek Greenbelt and Santa Fe Trail.  

Current zoning is 54 ft/4 stories.  The requested change is to 80 ft height/7 stories.

What will the Development Include?

The new development is proposed as a 7 story, 305 unit apartment development with 13,600 sq ft of commercial space and 400 parking spaces 

Why is this so important? 

This is a defining moment for this East Dallas corridor.  The development, as proposed, is 79 units per acre, mostly two bedroom. This is DOUBLE the density of most other apartments in the area.  Once a development of this height and density is approved, the floodgates will open for other developers to build similar near the 3G intersection and adjacent to White Rock Lake Park.

What is the Traffic Impact?

Conservative estimates say this will add about 2400 vehicle trips each day to the already overcrowded Gaston/Garland/Grand intersection. This troublesome intersection doesn't need more traffic, which this development will add that will drive more traffic into the surrounding neighborhoods.


After years of debating the best reconfiguration for the 3G intersection, TXDOT finally determined its preferred move forward plan and the project is scheduled to be put out for bid in May 2021. 


Now adding a high-density development + 13,600 sq ft of commercial space at that intersection is a good idea? 


Consider that the City of Dallas recently initiated a traffic calming study for Gaston Avenue. Additionally, a neighborhood bordered by Gaston and Grand is currently asking the City of Dallas for traffic calming measures in their neighborhood.  And this is PRIOR to the addition of this high density development.  


This development is not a good idea!

What are other concerns?


With 305 units and 13,600 sq feet of commercial space on 3.88 acres, the minimum required spaces are being planned.  Where do you think overflow parking will go?


There have been no studies done (and none are currently planned) on the impact of the additional lights and increased water run-off associated with a development of this density on the wildlife that inhabit White Rock Creek, White Rock Creek Greenbelt and White Rock Lake Park.





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