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On June 9th, the City Council overturned the recommendation of the City Planning Commission, and the desires of 2100 petition signers,  and approved the request to rezone the property at a height of 75 ft or six stories.  The number of affordable units was increased from 5% to 9%.  

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Email the City Council Members and the Mayor

Cut and paste the verbiage below or use your own words, to all the Dallas City Council members, their liaisons and the Mayor.  The list below is not updated with the Council Members that will be sworn in on 6.14.21.



I was OPPOSED to the requested rezoning and deed restriction changes outlined in rezoning submission Z201-139.  I asked the Dallas City Council and Mayor Eric Johnson to vote NO on the requested changes to the current zoning and deed restrictions for this area based on: 

  • Traffic & safety - the ingress and egress for 2000+ vehicle trips traffic from the intersection simply can't be supported at the 3G intersection, even when TXDOT reconfigures 
  • High-density development in a low/medium density area will change the character of East Dallas

  • White Rock Lake is known as the "Jewel of Dallas".  We need to take care of this resource, it's natural beauty and the environment around it.  The environmental impact of the development is unknown.  No studies are planned.

  • The Lake and Garden District will become the traffic snarl and mid & high rise district

  • Citizens of Dallas do not want this development

Can you help me understand why you voted to rezone the property against  the recommendation of the City Planning Commission and desires and many Dallas citizens? 


You can copy and paste the the addresses below into one email or link to each address. Below are the Mayor, City Council member and their liaison, if available.

The original petition is still active, if you would like to sign it: 

Sign the Petition



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